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Background image. Select your background image from the thumbnails. They will scroll to display more images if you move the cursor to either side of the scrolling section.

Text. Enter your text into either one of the two boxes provided. You can position the text on the background by using the movement buttons or by dragging the text with the mouse. Enter a space if you don't want any text.

Colour. Click the "Abc" icon next to the text to select a colour.

Font size. Select the font size for the corresponding section of text. The font will be applied to selected text. If you do not wish to apply the selected font to a section of text then deselect that block of text by unchecking the tickbox situated to the right of the textbox. If the text will not fit on the background using the selected size it will be automatically reduced in size to make it fit.

Image Type. Select type of image you wish to create. .gif provides the smallest file size but the image quality can be degraded if the image contains many colours. .jpg caters for more colours, but the files are slightly larger and an image can appear less crisp. .png provides the highest quality but the resulting file can be quite large. Please note many forums restrict the maximum file size for signatures to ease loading times.

Create. When you are happy with what you have done press the create or "play" button to produce your final image. The signature will be hosted on our site and you will be presented with the required line of text (BBCode) to paste into your signature bar. The amount of views you get will be counted and you will be eligible for the top 40 signatures.

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