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Let the world know what you’re listening to with out automatic signature generator.  Just enter your username to get an image listing your most recently played tracks.


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Last 5 tracks played on by WolfBird324
NightwishThe Greatest Show on Earth
InsomniumOut To The Sea
InsomniumShadows Of The Dying Sun
InsomniumThe Promethean Song


Do you want to make one of these signatures for your spotify songs?  It’s simple, just set your spotify player to scrobble to and the songs you are playing on spotify will also show on your sig.

New : Tired of the old white backdrop? You can now select a new one. Just type your user name in the box to update your signature and you can choose a new style. Or if you’re happy with it, just leave it be.

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    Turn a tweet into a telegram!

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    Why did my signature expire?

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  • Signature wizard is back

    Signature wizard is back

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  • New website

    New website

    We have now got our new site online.   Keep an eye open for upcoming updates, we will be adding a lot more to the site over the coming months.